The Basics of Screen Printing

The art of screen printing dates back to the 18th century. It was initially used to decorate clothing, but was never very popular. The main problem was finding the materials to make the screens, especially silk. Later, it evolved into a popular technique for adorning walls and other objects. It eventually became a widespread industry.

To create an image, screen printers first create stencils. These stencils may be original designs or created according to client specifications. Often, a picture of the intended design is laid beneath a blank screen. Once the design is placed in the proper place, the screen is traced with a pencil. Afterward, an ink-blocking substance is applied to the areas that should not let ink or paint pass through.

The process of screen printing involves transferring an image onto a surface using a light-reactive emulsion on a screen. Then, the screen is exposed to a bright light to cause the emulsion to harden. The resulting image is then transferred onto the product. Once the design is complete, the printed product is heated to prevent fading. There are six different types of screen printing. The technique requires a high level of precision.

There are many benefits to screen printing. Firstly, it ensures a professional look. The process is ideal for large promotional events where multiple shirts are required. It also allows multiple colors to be printed on a single order. Screen printing is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of manual labor.

In order to get the most out of screen printing, you should clean and wash the screen after every use. The emulsion that is used to create the image needs to be washed off. Large print works may use a special cleaning fluid, such as acid, to remove it. Smaller print works may use a sink, a trough or a power hose.

Screen printing is an excellent way to personalize products. It can also increase your brand’s recognition. By using this method, you can create personalized pieces, such as notebooks. This method is also an affordable option for printing logos and designs. Aside from being an economical way to create custom products, screen printing can also help you create products that reflect your business’s uniqueness. For more details on screen printing visit and ask a reliable Tacoma printing company in your area.