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Shower Installation Costs – Don’t Be Cheaper Than Everyone Else!

Fresno Shower Installation is often a necessity for homeowners. While newly built showers are a necessity, even new homes are unfortunately lacking in this area. Whether you’re shopping for a standalone shower, or an addition to your existing bathtub, shower installation is usually a good (and occasionally, very necessary) addition to all homes. Whether you decide to have your shower installed professionally or in-home by a pro, there are many things to consider before the big day. It’s always a good idea to look around and find out what your options are, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want and that it fits seamlessly into your home. Here are some tips for your consideration.


The first thing you need to consider is if your bathroom already has everything you need in place to move forward with your shower stall shower installation. If you’re not sure about the plumbing involved or how your current tub and shower connect, speaking with a professional to find out exactly what you need is a great way to start. If your tub and shower aren’t up to code, as in they don’t meet the current plumbing code in your area, then you’ll need to make sure everything is up to code and that you can have access to your shower water without a problem. Having access to your existing bathroom fixtures, such as the bathtub and shower, is often a great way to get started in the right direction and save yourself a lot of hassle down the road.


Next you need to consider how large your walk-in shower will be, and whether or not it needs to have a drain. In the case of a handicap accessible shower installation, it’s always best to have a drain, as you may need to make use of a wheelchair in order to get out. If you’re planning on using a wheelchair, however, you may need to reconsider your options for installing a handicap accessible walk-in shower. Many newer models now include a lift button that will turn the shower into a wheelchair lift, but keep in mind that not all units are created equal. If you’re going with the option of a lift, however, it’s always best to double check with the salesperson on the model you’re thinking of purchasing so that you can be certain you won’t lose functionality when making the switch.


A second thing you need to think about for your bathroom shower installation, particularly if you’re going with a new bathtub, is whether or not you have a place for your new claw foot tub. Many new homes come with a tub that’s designed to fit in the corner of a bathroom, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to look at other options. You can go with a regular bathtub, of course, but if you’re looking for added functionality, you may find that a walk-in shower with a corner tub makes more sense. Make sure your plumbing is up to code, because even a newly installed tub can have some complications like a leak.


The last thing you should consider for your new shower and plumbing installation is your budget. You may have enough money saved up from your previous remodeling that you feel comfortable starting a project like this on your own, but if you’re not financially positioned to do it on your own, don’t hesitate to pay a reputable plumber to come in and do the work for you. Although you’ll likely spend a little more for an in-home plumber than you would for someone who’s just installing a shower, it will ultimately be worth it in the end to have a professionally done job.


Finally, you should also consider the type of shower pan you have as part of your bathroom design. If you have a clawfoot bathtub, for example, you may not need to worry about installation costs for a new walk-in shower pan. However, if you have a bathtub without a back, or you plan to install your shower pan in your bathtub, then you’ll probably want to seriously consider installing one of these pans over an inexpensive acrylic pan.