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Restoring Old Wooden Floor – Floor Refinishing Tips

Unless you plan on sanding every floor in your home, random sanding machines are probably the best choice for floor refinishing. They take longer to sand down old flooring than drum Sanders and are also less likely to scratch your floor than drum machines. Random orbital machines are also a popular choice for floor polishing because they are more versatile.

Before choosing a floor polisher, consider the type of surface you need to refinish and how often you will be refinishing your floor. You may want to choose one that can reach up to twelve inches deep for very high-traffic areas. For low traffic areas, where you will be only refinishing a few times a year, you will want to choose a machine that can clean up to an inch or so deep. If you need deeper coverage, consider a floor polisher that has rotating drums.

Floor refinishing is best done on a smooth, flat surface without scratches or chips. A dull surface makes the job harder, and if you are polishing a hardwood or laminate floor, you should consider a machine with an anti-skid coating. Some machines have special pads that will help keep your furniture, drapes, or whatever else from scratching the floor while it is being polished. You should also get a good vacuum for cleaning up any dirt or grime that is left behind after cleaning your machine.

Floor polishers come with different settings to achieve various results when polishing your floors. For example, some machines offer speed settings that can be set at higher levels to achieve the most dramatic results. The best quality floor polishers will feature a brush system that are easy to maintain, as well as a dust collection system. Some floor polishers also have special attachments that help you get a professional finish for wood floors, laminate floors, or floors with heavy finishes.

Floor polishing should be performed periodically to keep your floors looking their best. You should also make sure to dry the floor thoroughly between applications. You can use either a floor cleaner or an industrial grade floor cleaner to clean up spills or other marks before applying another coat of finish to protect the floor from damage. If your floor is already polished, consider using a sealant or polish to protect the finish and restore the original shine.

Floor refinishing is quick, and easy, but can be labor intensive if you do not follow some safety precautions. And follow the flooring company instructions carefully. By following these steps and following the manufacturer’s directions, you should have a smooth, beautiful floor that will last a long time.